Naturopathy is based on treating the cause of a health condition as opposed to the symptom.

naturopathic consultation

A Naturopathic consultation educates the client in the art of healthy living, supporting the bodies own healing abilities with the use of natural and non toxic therapies.
Initial consultation can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes, gathering information and checking in with the body before coming up with a supportive plan.
Naturopathy means nature therapy and when studying this subject we are taught many modalities that can be supportive to the body, each and everyone of us will have different requirements and it is fantastic to have a variety of tools in the tool box for this reason. Some of these tools are herbs, supplements, nutrition and body work.

consultation pricing

Initial Consult

Time: 60 – 90 Minutes
Cost: $150

Follow Up

Cost: $90

Other costs will include purchase of products needed for repair of compromised areas, these will decrease as health increases.