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Leeann Hill – ND

theraputic treatments


Massage is very therapeutic to the body; enhancing blood flow to the skin surface, gathering up toxins and moving them out through a stimulated lymphatic system.


A Naturopathic consultation educates the client in the art of healthy living, supporting the bodies own healing abilities with the use of natural and non toxic therapies.

Access Bars

Access Bars is like hitting the delete button on your cluttered hard drive. Negative thought patterns, or endless mental chatter keeping you awake at night, can be released and space is created for calm.

Find your balance, energy & happiness
the natural way.

Leeann Hill - ND

Naturopathy is based on treating the cause of a health condition as opposed to the symptom. I like to think that each and every person that comes through my door for what ever treatment will feel better in themselves upon leaving.

Kind Words

"Super Relaxing"

Leeann is incredible! She really focusses on my needs and knows how to work my stiff muscles that I get from surfing! On top the atmosphere is super relaxing so that it is a treatment for the soul as well!
- Παναγιοτα

"Location is amazing!"

Fabulous massage from Leann. Location is amazing! I love that you get to choice your scent for the massage! I love leaving smelling like roses and feeling restored.
- Prue

"Caring, Supportive and Holistic"

More than just amazing massage. Leeann has supported me through some pretty difficult health challenges. Her caring, supportive and holistic approach to health, body and mind has been invaluable to my recovery; and I whole heartedly recommend her services.
- Amy

"Truly a Gift"

Leeann has been a part of our health and wellbeing over many years. Leeann has many trained techniques that can help the body with the healing process , which is truly a gift. We highly recommend Leeann as your alternative health care professional.
All the best ,Lynly and Steve Greatley, Nelson